Blind Spot is an interactive sculpture created specifically for Beakerhead in Calgary, AB. It utilizes 6 wide-angle webcams, 96 hobby servos, 6 serial servo controllers, an Arduino, a PC running Processing, and a few hundred feet of wire to detect people and control 96 corresponding vertical slats independently. The code is freely available for download, analysis, contribution, modification, breaking, etc. Fork it on GitHub at

For Blind Spot, I wanted to emphasize the interaction between the individual and the object through disruption. Preventing people from viewing an object as they have been taught to expect forces them to ponder their intentions. Through unexpected lighting, and obvious visual interruption, this installation draws attention to the way we look at cars and helps us to think about it. On a simpler level, Blind Spot is meant to be playful; it takes advantage of both passive and active forms of interaction. When a user walks past, obvious behaviors are triggered whether intended or not. When the user seeks it out, or is drawn in, and moves in reaction to the installation behavior, the interaction becomes active and immersive. Source