Flourish is a 70-foot long site-specific artwork commissioned by the Liberty Mutual Group for the corporation’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. This unique piece combines MacArthur Fellow Camille Utterback’s signature interactive installation work with a new display method – projection onto multiple layers of custom glazed and sandblasted glass.

Flourish consists of seven double-layered 5 by 8 foot glass panels, three of which are interactive. As viewers walk by the interactive panels, projected elements that correspond to the glass design react to viewers’ presence and location – colors splash across the background, a tree grows leaves, or releases them to float on the wind.

For this installation, Slanted Studios shot custom ink footage to match the organic feel of the paint and glass. Our custom programming triggered both the ink texture library and generated the growing and falling leaves. Mapping allowed for any of the projected elements to appear within or behind any layer of glass. Source