Painting robot by sonice development

Conceived with capabilities to crawl on interior walls, take walks on buildings and explore the city in a way humans can’t, the ‘vertwalker’ by berlin based creative studio sonice development is a robot that can easily maneuver on vertical surfaces. when equipped with a marker, the small device is transformed into a mechanized scaling painter that creates scattered lines across individual planes, producing one-of-a-kind large scale pieces of art. the robot is constructed with foam boards, sensors and custom electronics to help it move freely on any wall and is currently on display for the red never follows’ exhibition at the saatchi gallery london until september 1st 2013.

the vertwalker in action
images courtesy sonice development

vertwalker painting robot by sonice development
video courtesy sonice development

the mechanized scaling painter draws lines across individual planes

constructed with foam boards, sensors and custom electronics, it can easy maneuver on vertical surfaces

prototype views 

vertwalker detail