Real time analysis of a physical model using a Kinect scanner and 4 projectors. The physical model is scanned in, analysed and the analysis results are projected back onto the model, using four projectors to cover horizontal and vertical model faces. The user can interact with the model, or adjust parameters via a touch screen. The setup performs real time pedestrian flow analysis. Metrics such as facade visibility, path overlap or the shadows cast by the geometry are projected back onto the model. We developed the software further in our lab in Singapore. The final setup consists of a 1x1 metre table with the physical model, a Kinect scanner, 3 touchscreens and 4 projectors. The software consists of three parts: the detection of objects from the Kinect point cloud, the spatial analysis software, and the projection mapping framework, which is used to calibrate each of the 4 projectors to the physical model. Source