The Most Popular Colors Used In Logo Designs

Article: Source - [via Emblemetric


Color is an important aspect of logo designs today. 

US-based logo design-trends reporter Emblemetic looks at how color has been used in US logo designs over the past decades, in three different graphs. 

In the graph, titled ‘Use of Color in US Logos’, it shows the relative share of colors used in US logos. 

According to the graph, in the 1990s, red was the most popular color used in logos, but blue caught up; now, both red and blue colors are used about equally. 

“Green has seen a modest rise in use, most likely due to increased environmental consciousness in American society. And orange has enjoyed a slight increase in popularity,” Emblemetic added in its blog post. 

In the graph ‘“Trendiness” of Color Use in US Logos’, measures the trendiness of the color, by combining color data from new logos with color data from dying logos. 

It shows that violet was a trendy color in US logos in the 1990s. 

“Orange, brown and green have been hot in recent years, while red has languished somewhat,” Emblemetic wrote. “Over the last three years, the lines on the graph converge around the middle, suggesting that no color is particularly hot or cold.” 

The color used in logos can also depend on the industry. 

In the graph ‘Use of Color in US Logos by Industry’, it shows the eight colors used in seven industries. 

Red is used most often in logos of beverages and hospitality industries, and least often in insurance and medical services; blue is used most often in telecom and insurance; and green is used most often in chemicals, and least used in telecommuications.