Umpqua Retail Experiences (San Francisco Flagship Store). Inquisitive patrons are greeted with a set of projected motion graphics for the Umpqua logotype signage (powered by a 6-projector array). The exterior also includes a system of inviting information displays (The Spark Resource Center “Multiplex”) which cycles between animating modes that include transit information, weather feed, store events schedule, Twitter hooks with corresponding tweets, and short phrases designed to create intrigue for those passing by. The store space features large, multi-touch interactive walls (The Business Inspiration Wall, and The Great Wall) which tell stories of local businesses through video, stills and written content. The Product Ecosystem is an abstract universe of business objectives that customers can explore and see the many ways that Umpqua can satisfy those goals. Patrons can also browse Umpqua’s mobile offerings and get easy access to downloading apps to their devices. Source