All artwork copyright David B Anthony. If the artwork is being sold or used anywhere outside of legal action will be taken. For photo usage give credit by tagging @davidbanthony. Please respect and support original artists.

Digital Canvas v3 artwork is inspired by my vision for the future of art experiences. These experiences use digital canvases as living pieces of work instead of traditional nail and hang art.

Artists use canvases to deliver messages. The medium they use for those messages changes from paint to watercolor and so on. These Digital Canvases are focused on enabling artists to be portrayed their messages through interlocking light blocks. The advantage is these blocks can be interchanged into any layout while delivering unlimited atmospheres through creative coding, imagery, video or sound.

We are in a time where taking photos and posting on social media are first intentions when viewing art. Trying to learn and understand what the artist's message is in his artwork has become an afterthought. My end goal was to create and deliver a living canvas that enables me to use the mobile interface as a way to translate my message.

Most viewers will see abstract patterns at first view, not realizing the patterns are actually the message. By looking through the interface of a mobile device the message will take shape through digital compression allowing the viewer to discover the artist's intention behind the work.

This piece of artwork is made out of plexiglass, and led lights. This piece requires one standard wall plug to illuminate the led lights. Designed and created by Artist David B Anthony.

  • Name: Digital Canvas v3

  • Size: 6x 60” H inch x 40" W inch

  • Medium: Plexiglass, LED

  • Color: White