[Biz] 1 Minute Travel Videos

1 Minute Travel Videoshttp://minute.travel/

As a creative one of the most inspiring things to do is travel. Every trip I take I get so much inspiration from local cultures, articians, food, and overall how every country is so different. Over the past few years I began documenting my travels and establishing a love for videography. This love for videography has formed into a true passion and enjoyment for showing others the world through my eyes.

I started 1 Minute Travel as a way to create high quality video content for businesses around the world. I have one focus when creating this content:

  • Create videos that give others a real perspective into locations.

  • Create videos that businesses can use on there network such as IGTV or Youtube.

  • Create videos no longer then 1 minute for short attention spans.

  • Create videos that can drive business showcasing locations travelers want to visit.

What is 1 Minute Travel

1 Minute Travel Videos.
Creating high quality focused content showcasing businesses to help drive customer acquisition.

Videos made for the worlds most well known travel companies to leverage on social media and online. We have a wide range of services including: Videography + Photography + Drone Footage + Marketing + Business Development

1 Minute Travel Videos

[Biz] Cafe Racer Design

Cafe Racer Designhttp://caferacerdesign.com/

I love vintage motorcycles and the design culture that surrounds it. I own two motorcycles and it was always hard for me to find inspiration around builds.

I started Cafe Racer Design as a way to showcase both beautiful cafe racer motorcycles as well as the super talented builders who create them. More then anything this was a passion project for me that was meant to fill one need:

  • If I want to build a cafe racer motorcycle how would I build it?

  • Is there a library that showcases parts, brands, styles that I can view to get ideas?

At the time of starting Cafe Racer Design there wasn't, so I setup a simple website and curated all the content on it. The key to this site was the simple branding and content curation that allowed it to become a destination of interest.

  • I could come to the site every day and see a new vintage motorcycle posted

  • I could come to the site and use the search bar to find the tags, parts, or brands for inspiration.

What is Cafe Racer Design

We focus sole’ on showcasing the design of Cafe Racer Motorcycles. Cafe Racer is a term used for a type of motorcycle and the cyclists who ride them!

Cafe Racer Design Website
Cafe Racer Design Instagram

[Biz] SingleFit

In 2014 I was fascinated with how many of my friends where using dating apps. The problem was all of them where complaining because the matching process wasn't enabling real connections. On top of that most of them would tell me how awkward some of the dates would turn out because there was no way to screen someone before you meet them besides photo and voice. 

I decided to watch the online dating market for close to two years as it had been flooded with apps. With users becoming more comfortable with meeting online, services need to focus more on trust and making real connections. Below are some of the reasons I felt the time was right to pursue building SingleFit™ App:

  • Apple awarding Periscope ( mobile live video streaming ) App of the year for 2015. We felt it was the perfect time to come forward as live video dating is the next logical step for a mobile dating platform.

  • Instagram has helped push health and fitness to one of the fastest emerging markets. Social media stars are the future of advertising and are helping shape the public's perspective on health and fitness.

  • Wearable health trackers such as Fitbit and Apple Healthkit provide valuable information that can benefit our everyday lives and help shape our daily routine.

What is SingleFit

SingleFit™ is an Interest Based Dating App available for the Apple iPhone. We connect like-minded singles through similar interests such as health and fitness.

Our goal is to provide the next evolution of online dating through live video dating and health tracker data with online and offline matchmaking opportunities.

• Interest and Health Tracker based Matchmaking
• 2 Minute Live Video Dating
• Meet at Partner and Group Classes

Full project can be seen at http://davidbanthony.me/project/singlefit.html

Live Video Dating
Health Based Dating
Schedule a Date
Fitness Class Dating

[Biz] Process Digital Agency

Process Digital Agencyhttp://byprocess.com/

As a child I was always drawing, painting, creating which my mother and father always supported and encouraged. My earliest memories where watching my mother wood carving, binding books and always doing something creative. As I grew up my network always contacted me for creative ideas. I was always the person my network relied on to be able to make "it" a reality, no matter what "it" was.

I started Process Digital Agency as a way to provide creative services to those businesses who needed them. The requests that I would receive would lead me to opening an agency to satisfy the requests that where coming in:

  • I'm opening a restaurant do you know anyone who can help me with branding?

  • I need an Ecommerce website to sell my products do you know anyone?

  • I need a reliable person I can trust to manage all my business needs.

  • I have a business idea can you help me bring it to life?

  • I have a patent for an app but I need someone to build it.

By default Process Digital Agency became a full service agency over night satisfying these above requests any way that we could. 

What is Process Digital Agency

Process is a multi-disciplinary digital agency, passionate about what we do, and how we do it. We specialize in beautiful design, user friendly mobile and web applications, digital marketing and start to finish business development through a proven workflow Process: Plan, Design, Build, Manage and Evolve.

Process Digital Agency Website
Process Digital Agency Flyer

[Code] Art Patterns - Light

Art Patterns [ Light ] ~ https://github.com/davidbanthony/dba-art-patterns
An open repository of light based patterns that I build for fun in my free time. I tend to spend allot of time in the testing and experimenting process when creating light based artwork. Sharing this code can potentially help others jump start their projects easier.

Associated program assets:
• Fast LED
• LED Edit
• MadLight
• Madrix
• NeoPixel
• Processing

[Code] Framework - patrn.design

In 2008 I began experimenting with designing in modular ways known as building blocks. I used these methods in everything from print design to brand design to web development. Little did I know the path would lead to what most designers consider component libraries. Over the years I have been fascinated with and building systems to empower rapid design capabilities. Through evolution I created Patrn, a fun side project I use as a base to experiment with rapid layout capabilities.

View - http://davidbanthony.me/project/patrn/
Patrn is a framework focused sole on layout capabilities.