Mina De Mar


Handcrafted in Mexico Mina De Mar creates beautiful women’s ocean jewelry. The delicate pieces with the touch of the ocean’s soul are what drive interest for the beautiful brand. I worked in partnership with Mina De Mar to realize the online shopping experience. Strategized the vision, developed the e-commerce platform, and acted as the product manager for all strategy related business needs.

  • Strategy, Research

  • Product Management

  • Frontend Developer

  • Backend Developer

Mina De Mar

Initially, Mina De Mar was relying solely on direct message (DM) for all orders that customers wanted to place. These orders would be sent through a direct message on social media from interested buyers across the globe. I helped facilitate a plan to move away from a direct message to setting up an e-commerce platform that would enable Mina De Mar to mature as a business selling globally online.

Complexity across border selling is underestimated and a massive learning during the development process. Significant roadblocks came up while working on the project, each of which played a different role in how we approached setting up and future strategizing for the e-commerce experience.

  • Language Translation

  • International Shipping

  • Payment Conversion

  • Wholesale Tracking

Mina De Mar
Mina De Mar

Since the Mina De Mar store was launched we have ranked with the top 5% fastest growing stores according to Shopify. We have grown from a single order every other day to up to 10 orders a day through the e-commerce platform.

Mina De Mar

Alignment of all aspects of the customer journey are extremely important through the process. Developing a trusted, reliable, e-commerce platform while implementing email campaigns, marketing strategies, add to cart reminders, and external apps that help the business are all pieces of the puzzle that connect to deliver the best customer experience.