I believe deeply in processes. I use them and practice them daily at work and on my art, design, and code projects. By breaking things down into smaller steps, processes enable ideas, communication, productivity, guidelines, and focus to achieve high-quality results.

Processes are like chameleons always changing depending on their environment. There is no perfect approach and every project is an opportunity for process refinement.

At the core of any process are principles.

Curiosity, Consistency, Creativity serve as foundational components in my approach.

This image as seen in a book called Principles for success by Ray Dalio highlights one of the most common 5-step processes.

A foundation made of layers.

Thinking about things in layers is my way of assembling the puzzle. Breaking down the process into activities, tasks, and steps so the vision can be understood before the project begins.

Reading and continual education.

I've assembled an ongoing list of books and links that help shape my perspectives when it comes to processes, productivity, teaming, design, engineering, and more.

For more information about my software development processes or creative arts processes please contact me directly. Developing systems for systems that enable efficiency inside organizations continues to be a passion of mine day in and day out.

David B Anthony

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