[Reference] Computer Shortcuts

This page displays a list of computer shortcuts that I have built over the years and will continue to evolve over time. The main goal is to use this list as a reference point and enable more proactive productivity for computers.

A recent discovery and a great resource for all shortcuts. http://shortcuts.design/index.html

APPLE shortcuts:
Command ⌘
Shift ⇧
Option ⌥
Control ⌃
Caps Lock ⇪

SKETCH shortcuts:
Sketch has proven to be the best software design tool on the market. This will most likely change as the design industry moves to more interactive deliveries. For now this is a list of shortcuts product designers should learn.

Zoom All: 
Command ⌘ 1

Zoom Selection: 
Command ⌘ 2

Skip Artboard to Artboard: 
Fn + Arrows Left Right

Bring to Front: 
Control ⌃ Option ⌥ Command ⌘ + Arrows Up

Bring to Front Single Layer: 
Option ⌥ Command ⌘ + Arrows Up

Send to Back: 
Control ⌃ Option ⌥ Command ⌘ + Arrows Down

Send to Back Single Layer: 
Option ⌥ Command ⌘ + Arrows Down

Copy Layer Styles:
Option ⌥ Command ⌘ + C and Option ⌥ Command ⌘ + V

Specific Selection:
Option ⌥ + Select

Drag selected layers directly to App Icon