Changing the Conversation about Product Management vs. UX

This is an interesting article for those who have worked in the UX field inside startups and agencies. I’ve experienced the overlap of Product Manager and User Experience designer many times and often questioned what exactly are the key components that separate our roles inside of a company. In most cases, the roles will vary by the type and size of the company.

My favorite role to date has been at a startup building multiple applications empowering users. One of the key learnings I experienced was how closely I worked alongside the Product Management team. If you build a healthy relationship in some cases the roles between Product Management and User Experience Design are blurred and over time the roles exchange positions. I was lucky enough to be in a position where we all trusted each other enough the lines between the roles became blurred enabling us to not only move faster but to form a trusting relationship, in the end, leading to acquisition because of how our products brought value to our users.

Melissa shares excellent perspective and insight into her experiences, and this is a great read for those who understand the importance of product management and ux.

the best product managers are user experience designers. understanding customer needs and a deep understanding for product via usability. trends and more

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