[Reference] The 6 Types of Product Teams You’ll be Working In

Nice breakdown of the The 6 Types of Product Teams You’ll be Working In.

The first thing I usually consider is the vision — the company’s long-term mission. 
The second thing is usually the team — the personality, ambition and skills of my future partners.
The third most important thing for me when considering an offer is my short-term missions — the KPIs for each sprint or quarter. What drives the team? What can the team achieve in the following year that would mean success? What does the team discuss the most in the internal meetings? And how does it all align with my personal goals and ambition?

Read the full article here > https://medium.com/swlh/the-6-types-of-product-teams-youll-be-working-in-e6f6e300834d

1. User-Centered Team
2. Growth-Centered Team
3. Features-Centered Team
4. Design-Centered Team
5. Technology-Centered Team
6. The Naive Team