The Secret to Growing Your UX Team Skills

Great article breaking down ways designers can measure and quantify user experiences.

Lenses of Learning

Information architecture isn’t the only thing the team can learn about in a critique. They can explore any aspect of the design or the design process, and should. Here are some of the different lenses that teams use critique to explore:

Design Concepts: All the different aspects of design, from visual design to copywriting, information design to interaction design. Holding a critique to talk about options for typography or grid layouts, or another one for discussing microcopy and form field labels would develop literacy in those topics.

The Design Itself: What are we trying to build? Are the flows through the design the right way to approach the problem? Have we arrived at the guiding principles that will make this design successful?

Design Systems: Is this design part of a large suite of designs? Are we evolving a design system that we can use in other places? Are we exploring the systems that are out there (such as Google’s new Material design system)?

Who the Users Are: What do we know about our users? What makes them distinct from non-users? What are the different personas we’re designing for? What are the common scenarios for each of those personas? How does this design match those scenarios? What are alternative ways to design for these personas and scenarios?

Business Needs: What are the explicit and implicit goals of the business? Have we designed for the immediate short-term needs? Have we ensured our design could last for the longer term?

Constraints (Technological and otherwise): What constraints will we run up against? What happens to the design when it’s at its most degraded (simple devices without capabilities like JavaScript, for example)? Have we explored the different progressive enhancement options?

Team Process & Collaboration: How are we working as a team? What are alternatives to our workflow? Where are we spending time that’s not getting us closer to a better design?

Critique Process: Are we learning everything we can from these critique sessions? Are the right people in the room? What alternative techniques could we use to be more effective at learning?

Each critique can focus on one or more of these lenses. Ideally, the team decides on the lens before scheduling the critique and starting the work. Teams that go into each critique session knowing what they want to learn are more likely to get the most out of each session, coming away energized and excited.

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