The trust network for matchmaking and meaningful connections through interests and data.

• iOS and Android mobile applications
• Content management desktop application
• Brand and marketing design

Creative Director, Product Designer, Developer



SingleFit™ is an Interest-Based Dating App available for the Apple iPhone. We connect like-minded singles through similar interests such as health and fitness. Our goal is to provide the next evolution of online dating through live video dating and health tracker data with online and offline matchmaking opportunities.

  • Interest and Health Tracker based Matchmaking

  • 2 Minute Live Video Dating

  • Meet at Partner and Group Classes



How can we improve matchmaking and solve what Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, and others don’t. How could we provide better matching opportunities? How could we leverage real data to make a connection? How could we improve the chat messaging were interactions usually fail? How could we fix the in-person meeting awkwardness?

By researching the online dating market for close to two years, it continued to be flooded with apps that haven't brought value to users, offered trust or quality service. With users becoming more comfortable with meeting online, services need to focus more on trust and making real connections. We want people to feel a sense of quality with our platform which helps deliver a feeling of confidence.

Below are some of the reasons the time was right for the SingleFit™ App:

  • Apple awarding Periscope ( mobile live video streaming ) App of the year for 2015. We felt it was the perfect time to come forward as live video dating is the next logical step for a mobile dating platform.

  • Instagram has helped push health and fitness to one of the fastest emerging markets. Social media stars are the future of advertising and are helping shape the public's perspective on health and fitness.

  • Wearable health trackers such as Fitbit and Apple Health Kit provide valuable information that can benefit our everyday lives and help shape our daily routine.



Our approach spanned a few focus areas. First was to provide users a way to select real world interests, potential focus locations, and daily tasks that could make a connection more meaningful than what any current dating app on the market provided. Second was to leverage mobile tracking data through health trackers and other internal device systems to provide connection recommendations based on mutual human activity. Third was to illuminate the awkward connection and improve the time of response by providing better response abilities. Once connected the users would be requested to select a path of interaction with either schedule a live video date or select a predefined conversation starter. This would remove the match and fail user flow all dating apps are guilty of. For users who selected the live date we provided a course of action when the live date completed which was either too un-match or to meet at a SingleFit activity location.

We supplied all partner locations with a backend system that gave them the ability to upload, advertising, and market there business directly in the app. This gave users direct insight to meeting locations that were trusted. We continued to build partnerships with local cycling and yoga classes to provide specialty dating focused nights.



As a result of our launch we discovered the simplicity of interest based selections and health data provided real matches that could lead to a real world match. Immediately we began to receive feedback that our dating app was filling a need that the other dating apps were ignoring.

The fitness community latched onto the concept and supported it. We partnered with some of the largest names in the industry and were the app of choice at the largest fitness expo in Los Angeles. 

We grew the application to 15,000 users in a little under 30 days. Our footprint expanded with partnership opportunities in brick and morter locations as we pushed forward with trusted meeting locations for matches in the app.

Our failure was feature flooding the concept. The hit was the data matching the failure was trying to do too many things at one time. A lesson learned and we have all grown from.


My Role

I led the design, strategy, and product management for SingleFit. While working on SingleFit I was able to learn many things about scaling teams, working with offshore engineering teams, launching an app, growing a business, and how partnerships can scale a business rapidly. One of the most rewarding was creating the design to engineering handoff process while jumping into the code when needed.


Product Process

For this project I organized the teams leveraging Trello for planning, feature organization, and product roadmap to allow for a simple, straight forward approach. Considering the engineering team was offshore we need to adapt in some ways to what they were most comfortable with. I integrated Trello into Slack for development communication and organized all assets in avocode for further development requirements.

Stage 1

  • Discussions - Stakeholders

  • Research & Strategize

  • Sketches, Wireframe, Test

  • Design

    • Brand Identity

    • Style Guide

    • Product App User Interface

    • Product Backend Admin User Interface

  • Prototype & Usability Testing

  • Discussions - Development Team

  • Roadmap and Feature Organization

  • Alpha Testing

  • Beta Testing

  • Apple Store Approval

Stage 2 - Repeat

  • User Feedback

  • Discussions - Stakeholders

  • Design

    • Product App User Interface

  • Prototype & Usability Testing

  • Discussions - Development Team

  • Roadmap and Feature Organization

  • Alpha Testing

  • Beta Testing

  • Apple Store Approval


Mobile Application ( iOS & Android app )


Core Features

Health Tracker Matchmaking

We match based on Location, Interests and 3rd Party health tracker information. We believe health trackers such as Apple HealthKit and Fitbit deliver valuable information which can help us connect you with other like minded singles. Connect a 3rd party health tracker to your profile to display information for better match opportunities. This is the first step in our very exciting roadmap for health tracker information.

Online and Offline Dating

To provide a more trusted way of connecting with other singles we have established partner and group classes at local studios. Use the Discover section to see local businesses with partner and group classes. The Heatmap displays the most active to least active partner and group classes and the potential match opportunities. Meet other like-minded singles today!

Live Video Dating

Why drive to get coffee just to be disappointed when you can make a connection in real time through live video dating. SingleFit™ is the first official app that provides live video dating in a trusted environment. Match with other singles and schedule a date and time that works best for your LiveDate™. Gain trust through a 2 minute live video date before meeting in person.


Match Screen
This screen displays user profiles that allow you to swipe left and right to match

Message Screen
This screen displays the text based messaging section

Discover ListView Screen
This screen displays the locations closest to you offering Partner and Group Classes in a ListView mode

Profile Health Tracker Screen
This screen displays 3rd party connected health tracker information in the profile

LiveDate Schedule Request Screen
This screen displays the LiveDate schedule request to send

Discover MapView Screen
This screen displays the locations closest to you offering Partner and Group Classes in a MapView mode

Dating Center Screen
This screen provides users the ability to send traditional text based messages or schedule live video dates

LiveDate Screen
This screen displays an active live video date section

Heatmap Screen
This screen displays the most active and best potential match opportunities based on your location


Backend Administration App ( React, AWS )

The web admin interface enables management of the iOS App in real time. Capabilities include User Management, Business Management, Advertising Management, Content Pages Management.


Backend Architecture

From mobile to backend to cloud infrastructure. I setup the flow of communication between the applications by leveraging the Amazon AWS Cloud. Complexities arose in the setup when our need for notification, email triggers, and location services because essential.

Structure - An overview of how the application infrastructure was organized.



An assortment of images displaying some of the many ways we approached marketing the brand from influencer to print collateral.