Originated from illustrator to graphic designer, to developer, to user experience director, I’ve done it all. My skills focus on closing the gaps between cohorts and enabling team efficiency and productivity. As a versatile user experience executive and strategist, I've led UX departments for Fortune 500 companies and have overseen a portfolio of business worth more than $100MM.

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If you love your craft, you dedicate time to continual education and experimentation. I'm constantly reading, learning, and experimenting with art and technology ideas. I believe deeply in processes that enable communication, productivity and focus on achieving high-quality results. I practice and continually evolve these processes with each project.

Design Systems

From enterprise to open source design systems, the goal is to enable efficiency.


I've been actively working in the tech industry fulltime and on side projects for over two decades. A continued focus at the intersection of design and development has enabled me to work on a wide range of projects throughout the years. Contact me direct for case studies and specific requests.

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My path to today

  • Began illustrating as soon as I could hold a pencil.
  • Learned photoshop and illustrator in high school to transfer my illustrations to tee shirts.
  • Created my first skateboard company in high school supplying local retail shops with merchandise.
  • Learned coding when I realized I could make websites interactive with flash.
  • Started and grew my creative agency for seven years featured and awarded by FWA, Adobe, and others.
  • Joined an enterprise SaaS company designing, coding, and leading teams until acquisition.
  • Joined an enterprise innovation company designing, coding, and leading teams for the largest co's in the world.
  • Joined a stealth startup disrupting the home buying process backed by one of the largest co's in the world.

    • Active and contributing member of UX Professionals Association.
    • Speaker, Mentor, teacher, inspirational teacher and advocate for design and creative methods.
      • Processes, Teamwork, Design Systems, and Inspiration.


This website was built using Patrn a side project I designed and coded evolving as time permits. Patrn Patrn is a utility-first CSS framework focused sole on layout capabilities for prototyping, building interfaces, or experimentation.