Where It Started (Skateboarding)

Artwork created by David B Anthony

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Where It Started (Skateboarding) artwork was inspired by skateboarding and the many valuable life lessons it teaches. Nothing is more iconic than the shape of a classic skateboard.

I began skateboarding in the 80's after my parents gifted me a Vision Aggressor Two Skateboard. Little did I know the impact and unlimited inspiration Skateboarding would bring to my life. I designed this piece after one of my childhood skateboards. The shape and colors represent the 80's skateboarding era when fishtail skateboards and fluorescent colors were the norm.

The piece is made of wood and can be mounted directly to a wall. The color of the piece is made up of custom florescent spray paint and real grip tape. The piece is finished and coated with high gloss resin overlaying the paint and grip tape. - 22” H inch x 40" W inch. Designed and created by Artist David B Anthony.

  • Name: Where It Started (Skateboarding)

  • Size: 22” H inch x 40" W inch

  • Medium: Wood, Grip-tape, Paint, Resin

  • Color: Florescent paints and Crystal Grip tape

Evolution of Skateboarding